The Company
Useful Computing, LLC
The Mission

To Make Computers Useful For People Who Don't Like Computers,
By Remembering That

Users' want to do one thing at a time; making that easier is the only reason to use a tool.

Technology and software habitually fragment that human purpose into silos of data and actions,
Each user's time and attention is diverted from the goal,
to re-integrating those chunked versions of what they want to know and do.

We can do better, using common computing and graphic power
to deliver easier, less fragmented access to the user's own purpose.

Great Tools Offer A Better Path To The User's Intention
They Don't Distract or Demand Attention

The Method
Focus Custom Software Design And Development
On The Software Users' Needs, Abilities, Ideas, Tastes and Tasks
The Trick

1) Define Software Development Cycle Traditionally
From Requirements to Project Management Plan And Budgeting,

2) The Customer Reviews And If Possible Works With Each Milestone,
Then The Developer WELCOMES NEW IDEAS To The Development Process,

3) Customer and Developer Modify the Plan and Budgets To
Deliver A Software Product More Useful Than The Original Design.

It's Agile Principles tuned to small team development,
guided by frequent contact between the user and the developer.