MetaQuan Reads Mass Spectrometry Analyses of Hundreds of Neonatal Blood Samples, And Screens Each for Up To 105 Conditions


MetaQuan extends Thermo-Fisher Scientific's cutting edge Mass Spectrometry systems to the field of neonatal sample screening.
is a PC application written in Visual Basic using Thermo-Fisher Scientific's Xcalibur SDK.

After importing raw data from up to 576 samples with the details of the MS processing applied to each by Thermo-Fisher Scientific's FDA-compliant systems, MetaQuan then screens each sample's data with up to 105 user-defined tests. Screening results are gathered, displayed and reported in a variety of formats.

MetaQuan screens thousands of times faster than the next fastest available method.

After being presented at several international Mass Spectrometry conferences, MetaQuan was described by a global leader in the MS neonatal screening field as "the most beautiful and effective software in our field's history."

Automated Importing of Mass Spectrometry Processing Parameters & Raw Data Using Thermo-Scientific's SDK


Thermo-Fisher Scientific's Mass Spectrometry systems are currently the world's most precise for research or production applications.
The raw data generated for each sample is the exact count of ions found with each of thousands of specific atomic masses, a true spectrum of masses.

These ion counts have meaning only when the complex mass filtering processes that generated them are considered.
Determining useful screening results from this mass of data adds another processing step that 'tests' the raw data for particular relationships between ion counts of two or more specific atomic masses.
This last stage of processing is MetaQuan's addition to the process.

MetaQuan automates the matching of imported raw data and its filtering processes to the user's screening tests, verifying exact matches of all the many parameters involved.
Where mismatches are found detailed prompts help the production technician make the corrections needed for accurate screening.

User Defined Tests


Flexibility in screening test development and efficient data verification in daily production are particularly strong features in MetaQuan.

The heart of each high-volume screening lab's daily efforts is the unique set of hundreds of screening tests each lab develops. These are their secret crown jewels that determine the efficiency and accuracy of screening, and bottom-line profit each facility can generate.

The graphic UI shown to the left gathers all the details involved in test development as no tool has before.
This compact design offers unmatched efficiency and clarity first to the intial definition and refinement of screening tests, and then to the essential daily production task of verifying the match of preset test files with the imported raw data.

Beyond these critical UI efficiencies, MetaQuan also adds powerful new computational abilities to the algorithms at the core of the screening tests themselves.
An algebraic facility is incorporated into the design that opens broad new possibilities to the application of Mass Spectrometry to neonatal and all other types of screening.

User-Controlled Results Reporting


To fit the customer's production needs, MetaQuan reports the results of its screening tests in many user-selectable formats: on screen, to files and as printed reports.

Sets of reporting formats can be preselected before a long screening run, or one might be called up manually to review specific issues in either development or production situations.

All these report formats, including several overrides and variations, were specified by a production facility known as a global leader in the Mass Spectrometry neonatal screening field.
MetaQuan generates the exact reporting standards required by their established business of high-throughput screening, meeting their production, medical, legal and record keeping needs.