Front Desk Interface


Running a dance studio combines complex class schedules, hundreds of student accounts, sales of passes and merchandise, and tracking every bit of it without a mistake.

With dozens of students arriving and signing in minutes before each class, the front desk staff doesn't have the time to enter all that information into dry database tables.

How to handle this?
Studio Dashboard
provides the front desk staff a completely graphic solution, supporting all their hurried and harried input with pull-down menus and buttons displayed in formats comfortably reminiscent of those from the paper era. Each button and info area is brightly and functionally colored to minimize error.

Studio Dashboard is an MS Access database pushed to its UI limits by VBA and SQL code, and user-centered design.

Dynamic Graphic Schedule as Input Device


Dance studios might have several rooms simultaneously offering classes in many styles, with schedules changing day to day.

And every hour there are dozens of student sign-ins to be entered into their individual accounts and each class' list, always without error.

How to handle this? Studio Dashboard offers a completely graphic solution.

First, every time a day is called up by the front desk person, its schedule is gathered from the list of current classes, and drawn to the screen in a comfortable 'day planner' format with each studio's schedule in its own column. Every class appears as a multi-function button, as shown here.

Second, to sign-in a student the front desk person has only to select the student from a pull-down list, click the classes that student will be taking that day, and all the book-keeping involved is done automatically.

Third, any class list or student account can be opened from the schedule screen with a click.

Full Cash Register System


Sales of passes and merchandise are supported with Studio Dashboard's full POS cash register system.

Sales are entered in a conventional Bill of Sale image, fully loaded with pull-down menus listing all the day's variations of passes, merchandise and administrative fees for which a customer might be paying.

Information on the cash box's content is also updated at every transaction, always ready for a quick check of just how much cash, and which checks and credit card slips, should be found in the cash box moment to moment throughout the day.

Reconciling the cash box at the end of a shift is a quick check of the physical cash box contents. An error can be quickly traced using a list detailing every transaction. All the information from the shift has already been updated to records of every student's account and the class histories.

Graphic Office Interface


Studio Dashboard's front desk operation and record-keeping is controlled by an equally graphic, user-friendly office back end system.

A map of control screens guides the office user among the forms required to set up and review the classes, teaching and front desk staffs, student records, and merchandise inventories.

Access to the current cashbox or the history of any shift of any day are available.

Every student account down to every purchase and every class ever taken are there to be reviewed and sorted in many ways.

Every class series offered is detailed down to the class list for any given day.