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The Motion Pacific Dance Studio of Santa Cruz, California offers dance classes in many styles from classical ballet to gymnastics for pre-schoolers. So the Studios' and its website's customers range from computer neophytes to Silicon Valley retirees.

Every month has lots of new News: new classes, upcoming performances, teacher substitutions and on and on.

Layers of information need to be available to both loyal dancers and new-comers getting their first impression of the Studio, with access made comfortable and fast to first-time computer users of all ages, and to time-crunched executives and parents.

This home page keeps things bright and simple, and offers quick access to all the site holds.

Class Schedules



Big, bright, color-coded calendars clearly show all the weekly details needed to schedule a visit.

Separate schedules for kids and adults keep the call details big and easy to read.

The graphic design keeps the classes for each day a big, clear size on any computer screen.

Information Pages



"Who's the teacher?", "What should I wear?", "What does it cost?", "Am I qualified for that class?" and so many other questions need to be answered for so many customers.

Carefully structured information pages introduce the faculty, describe the classes by style and ability level, present the appropriate fees and lay out the policies.

The same header is on every page in the site to keep navigation comfortably simple, with a little animation added to the header's buttons to make it fun.

The Photo Album


Bottom line, the dancing is not just 'the thing', it's everything! And nothing reminds the dancers and their supporters of that like some shots of the dancers in performance.

Free full size photos of many of the events are offered to keep sharing that joy of dancing.