WorldPort on the iPhone

WorldPort is an iPhone app, the first published product developed by a San Francisco company operating in stealth mode while working closely with Useful Computing, LLC.

Useful Computing, LLC helped determine the design and development of the user interface definition and supporting infrastucture for the product line, that enabled countless new markets for this truly revolutionary, cross-all-platforms addition to graphic user interfaces.

WorldPort and the many still proprietary applications of this fundamental UIX break-through give computer users a fresh, clear, powerful, intuitive, immediately appealing access to information and device control.

Useful Computing, LLC was very proud to be a central part of the design and development process of this user experience driven, new blend of user interface elements, data and control.

Great interest has been generated among investors in medical integration solutions. The military became actively involved in applying the WorldPort System as an outstanding break-through in their constant efforts to develop a significant innovation in addressing their need for a powerful cross-departmental integration of data, command and control.