Working with Stranova
Generating Innovative Software Design
That Smoothly Enables the User

Useful Computing, LLC has been working for several years with Stranova, a leading consultant service focused on helping companies achieve their highest possible potential as strategic innovators.

Stranova and Useful Computing have found in our work together and throughout our careers that unifying our engineering design and development work around the ultimate users' purpose has been a productive, reliable, efficient approach for us to resolving many challenges in technical design, development and management.

Our projects together have shown us that the purpose of technology is to provide great tools to people, tools that help their user do what they want to do, better than they could without the tool.
This sounds too obvious to need noticing, but today's infrastructure of cost- and legacy-optimized software and hardware systems, have in some fundamental ways forgotten that sole reason that gives tools value: to serve a human's purpose.

The result of losing that essential focus in system and application development is what we call the fragmenting of the user's purpose. Initially our digital tools could do only a part of each problem, limited by hardware, software and user interface realities. Unfortunately for the user, these partitionings of the users' real needs now have become entrenched, either in stagnant interfaces, policies or corporate strategies.

The resulting disjointed tool sets far too often limit their user, wasting more of his time than they recover. His attention is too often mis-directed by requiring him to re-integrate the tools and chunked data around his real-world task.
The purpose of every tool is of course just the opposite: to enable the user to better focus on his task.

A highly relevant current example of this is the medical integration field which is keenly aware of this essential problem. Its own legacies of "silo" data and function sets are so entrenched that in spite of the obvious advantages of digital integration there is constant resistance from medical professionals, other intended users, and even their own IT professionals.  
Everyone understands the need to digitize and interconnect, but as time has passed the ability to coordinate all this is now buried under arrays of competing digital systems, requiring each medical specialist to learn not one but many difficult new sets of tools.  
The end result is that despite the  glowing rhetoric of the medical integration tools suppliers, in reality government incentives and penalties are now needed to actively force the medical field to use the tools that developers offer, often forced on them with the kinds of results you might expect from such actions.

This is one of the challenges we are addressing in our current work.

WorldPort on the iPhone,
The Next Revolution

WorldPort is an iPhone app, the first published product developed by a San Francisco company operating in stealth mode while working closely with Useful Computing, LLC.

Useful Computing, LLC helped determine the design and development of the user interface definition and supporting infrastucture for the product line, that enabled countless new markets for this truly revolutionary, cross-all-platforms addition to graphic user interfaces.

WorldPort and the many still proprietary applications of this fundamental UIX break-through give computer users a fresh, clear, powerful, intuitive, immediately appealing access to information and device control.

Useful Computing, LLC was very proud to be a central part of the design and development process of this user experience driven, new blend of user interface elements, data and control.



MetaQuan is a PC application that extends Thermo-Fisher Scientific's cutting edge Mass Spectrometry systems to the field of neonatal screening.

By applying over a hundred user-defined tests per sample, Metaquan screens neo-natal blood samples at a pace thousands of times faster than the next available tool.

Flexible test definition and a clean, innovative production-friendly interface make Metaquan a very useful tool for an important niche market.

Studio Dashboard
an Easy-to-Use Database App
for Dance Studios

Running a dance studio combines complex class schedules, hundreds of student accounts, sales, and tracking all that without a mistake.

With a lobby full of students signing in minutes before each class, the front desk staff doesn't have the time to enter all that information into database tables.

How to handle all this detail? Studio Dashboard offers a completely graphic solution: select the student from a pull-down list, click the classes that student will be taking that day, and all the book-keeping involved is done automatically.


Motion Pacific WebSite
Quick, Clear Information for All Ages

Motion Pacific Studio is a Santa Cruz, California dance studio offering classes in many dance styles for all ages and abilities.

Class schedules change, events come and go, and pass price updates need to be noticed. A lot to tell, with the satisfaction of a wide range of people depending on it.

This website has to clearly present diverse, critical information to customers aged 5 to 70, with computer skills from novice to Silicon Valley pro.

The answer: keep it as graphic as possible, and always stick to a standard page format with clear controls that link to all the info from every page.

The Proprietary Java Project

It's proprietary.
It's written in Java.